Let's Work Together

I'm here to help.

I've worked in and with local churches since 2008. In that time I've served as worship director, itinerant speaker, small groups pastor, community pastor, executive pastor, and lead pastor. I've succeeded greatly in some areas, failed hard in others, and learned a lot from both. In that time I've discovered I have a knack for a few things;  teaching pastors how to cultivate a presence driven church, preaching with passion and conviction, building a scaleable organization that values people, and creating systems that make a church healthier.

I am a firm believer in the mantra that 'healthy things grow' and I would be honored to help your culture, your team and your infrastructure reflect what it means to be a healthy church.

Clarity Day

Jumpstart your vision with a one-day meeting that focuses on providing you with organizational clarity and clear next steps for moving forward. I'll come to your conference room (or living room) and we will have a conversation just for you. At the end you will have a document that gives an overview of your identity as well as a one-page ministry plan that will help your team know where to focus over the next 6 months to a year.

Systems Audit

It's just the way my brain works! Let me work with you on identifying breakpoints and deficiencies in the current systems that you have as well as brining attention to systems and structure you may need to break through your next barrier. We provide a detailed assessment of your current systems as well as suggestions for each system you invite us to dive in to. Systems are detailed organisms to help you steward the people that call (or may call) your church 'home.' Let's make them better and make them healthy!

'Guest Shopper' Sunday

First impressions matter! And as a church leader you no longer have the luxury of having one. Looking at something too long is bound to create holes in your Sunday flow. There is nothing like a fresh set of eyes to help you discover places that your environments and teams need to pay special attention to. I come to you and attend a service of your choice as any first time guest. I check in my kiddos, give attention to every detail, sign up for the first time guest flow, and take home every printed piece you have on display.  That week I'll put together an evaluation as well as a document detailing the areas your church could 'make it better.'

Digital Help

We also work with churches and small businesses in the digital space. Particularly in the area of websites and digital marketing.

On Going Consulting

Having a guide that commits to walk with you during crucial seasons of ministry can be a source of encouragement, strength and focus. Long term consulting generally lasts between 4-8 months. That provides me enough time to get a firm grasp on your identity, work towards your strengths, and built out a roadmap to where you want to go. I start with 1 or 2 days with you to build relationship and learn about your org. From there we have weekly Skype call working through crucial issues as well as a few more onsite visits. You'll have unlimited access to me via email, phone, Skype throughout. I'm here for you!

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