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The Voice

This sermon is years old. The foundation of it lays in a prophetic word I …more

Does the Holy Spirit Baptize?

This past Sunday I got to hear a great message on Spirit Baptism at our …more

Starting a New Position at your church? Here’s my best advice.

Recently a Facebook group I’m a part of shared a status asking for advice you’d …more

The Approach

Whether you like your job or not, the best part of working is coming home …more

Guiderails for Confrontation

Stewarding the community is both for the person and for the community. It is for …more

The End of Our Church Planting Journey

Sunday, January 15th, was a pretty important day for us. It was our last meeting …more

Four Adjustments for Alignment in 2017

What’s your ‘word’ for 2017? Every year for the past decade or so I’ve tried …more

A White Pastor's Response

“What shoes are you wearing over there baby?”  I thought she was talking about play shoes. …more

Prophetic Words for 2016…

I know, I know. The inter-webs are full of “words” for this upcoming year. Many …more

Social Media Justice

“Like” “Retweet” “Follow” “#PrayForSomething” “Someone’s wrong on the internet! I need to rescue them!” Are …more

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