A Wounded Bride

We are in the genesis of our Month of Consecration at The Summit Crestview where I serve on staff, and last night was our first night of prayer for the month. Towards the end of the meeting my wife had a vision and as she was speaking it to me the Lord began to give me the interpretation. Let me tell you what she saw and then I will tell you what I believe it means.

Nikki’s Vision: I saw a naked bleeding woman crawling on the ground. With one had she held a wound that was bleeding on her stomach and used her other hand to crawl. I saw she was crawling towards some being that was wrapped in light. I couldn’t make out a figure or a face, just light and what looked like wings. Her eyes were fixed on this figure.

The Interpretation: As soon as Nikki said wings the Lord brought Malachi 4:2 to my mind which says “For unto those who fear my name shall the son of righteousness rise with healing in his wings.’ The moment that verse came to me the interpretation began to flow.

All these things and more have caused a serious self inflicted wound on the Bride. 

The woman in this vision is the Bride of Christ. The Lord says that the wounds and cuts that were one here are self inflicted. The bride has been hurting itself by cutting each other down. Slashing my brother and my sister. Cutting other denominations down. Preferring perfect doctrine (I’m not talking about MAJOR doctrines, but peripheral ones. We all know know there are many under the ‘banner of Christian’ that aren’t. I’m not referring to them.)…preferring doctrine over true unity. Pride about our gatherings even, knowing that ‘God is moving here more than that church across town.’ All these things and more have caused a serious self inflicted wound on the Bride.

But despite all these wounds and the ways that we have hurt ourselves the Lord says ‘There is healing in My wings!’ The being she saw was the son of righteousness, Jesus Christ, with healing in His wings, and He says ‘as long as my Bride gazes at me intently I can heal her wounds, even the ones she’s given to herself, and as her wounds begin to heal her DIGNITY will return.  You see she was naked before Him. The Lord began to show me how the bride attacking herself and cutting herself had caused her to lose her dignity. Dignity will be restored and the true bride of Christ will be esteemed again, even in the midst of persecution amplified warfare. Those against the cause of our King will still admire the resolve of the true people of God and the unity they possess.

As her WOUNDS begin to heal her DIGNITY will return.  

God we repent of warring against each other instead of focusing our gaze on you. God we repent of these self inflicted wounds. Teach us now how the bride needs to look intently upon your beauty and find healing in your wings. God heal these wounds and restore dignity. Cover Your Bride with dignity and unify our pursuit. Synergy of the Ages. Amen. 

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