Declare in Faith. Watch Victory Unfold.

I am currently listen to my pastor, Chris Mathis, teach a leadership meeting during our quarterly Awakening Summit and some of the things he is releaseing stirred me to remember a prophetic word the Lord gave me in April 2009. God is moving in this hour. Let this word pierce our hearts and stir us to intercede.

I got this from the Lord last night in the Boiler Room at Trinity. A heavy Spirit of Prophecy was present last night.

Any commentary I add will be in parentheses so pay attention to the additions.

God says to the Mighty Ones stand in screaming silence. Stand in boldness and boldness alone. For persecution is coming the Remnant, persecution to my mighty sons and daughters is beginning. As a lamb before the slaughter is silent so was I in my Father’s will that all righteousness might be fulfilled. And silent also shall you be in the face of persecution so that no blame rest on your head. Make no effort to defend for I will defend. I fight for my mighty ones! I am your Banner!
My thoughts are higher and though it seem that your enemies have surrounded, though even the faithful abandon My camp, though you seem defeated now, your defense is made sure in eternity’s eyes.
The battle is not yours! It belongs to Me says the Lord! And be confident in your Banner, be loyal to your King, for Victory has always belonged to me and will be made manifest through my sons and my daughters, my mighty ones.
Declare in Faith and watch Victory Unfold!

——I wrote this next section down about five minutes later—–

God says that the actions of America have almost filled the cup of iniquity. Our transgressions as a nation have grieved the heart of God and certain spiritual protections (no idea what those protections are) have been lifted as a result. Already darkness that has been in Africa is moving in, evil is very opportunistic right now. But in this time of greater darkness a brighter light has been released. I have commissioned Breakthrough to rest in America, Power Evangelism to pour out through my Bold Vessels. (I feel like Breakthrough and Power Evangelism are the names of two angels, God didn’t tell that to me specifically but I felt it in my spirit when I got it that they were angels). The scepter is now and the sickle is in reach. For you, my precious Remnant, truth is on your heads as oil for America to see, and in your hearts for you to see.


I understand this might not all make sense to you, because it isn’t clear to me. But God is opening up wells of revelation for those that have an ear to hear. And this is what I’m hearing, and still praying that more understanding comes. Be Blessed!

Let’s take this word in this hour and run with it!



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