Rediscovering Prayer's Purpose

When Andrew approached me about writing a blog for him, I got excited. I decided I would use this as an outlet for the new revelation the Lord had been giving me. As I sat down to type, however, nothing seemed to flow. It all felt forced. I’ve found in those moments, there is a quiet, correcting whisper of the Holy Spirit asking, “Is it your kingdom or Mine?” So, following His lead, I dropped it. I decided to simply wait until He spoke. After all, HIS words are Spirit and life to us (John 6:63). Thus, here is this blog. I felt Holy Spirit wanted to encourage people in the place of prayer…and concerning the place of prayer. Now, listen, prayer is a subject that could be written on for eternity. It’s a little daunting to sit down and write about. I feel, however, the slightest tug in my heart that some of you need encouragement.

In our kingdom/dominion/pull-down-heaven/wage-a-war prayer life, however, we forget so easily that prayer isn’t a forced assignment…it’s an inherited opportunity for connection.

Prayer is powerful. In our kingdom/dominion/pull-down-heaven/wage-a-war prayer life, however, we forget so easily that prayer isn’t a forced assignment…it’s an inherited opportunity for connection. Prayer is one of the foundational focal points for intimacy with Jesus. Away from intercession, fasting, assignments, etc. we serve a God who desires an Eden relationship with man, his creation. It’s so interesting. We fight FOR Eden intimacy instead of FROM it. It’s kind of backwards, and truth be told, I believe we like it that way. If we fight FOR it, then we can have our hands in it, we can help control….we, we, we, we, we. When we fight, FROM it, though, it forces us to simply lift our hands and trust, surrender, and yield. You see, the foundation of prayer is intimacy. Any other foundation will lead you to pride and self. That path, Jesus will not bless, nor is He required to.

1 John gives us hope a prayer life fueled by intimacy and a desire for His will. It says, “Now, this is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. And if we know He hears us, whatever  we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we have asked of Him.” (5:14-15) You see, when we are with Him, we are about Him. When we are about Him, He is about us. Some of you are weary because you’ve been fighting from your own strength. It feels noble. It feels right. However, it’s leaving you tired. When you fight from His will, grace is there. Do not mistake your want for God’s will.

We could debate His permissible/perfect will. We could engage whether or not God changes His mind. Truthfully, I just want to know His word, establish it in prayer, and stand on it in the midst of temptation, attack, and victory. I think we sometimes get so busy trying to find His will that we forget to simply ask Him about it in prayer and in study of His word. However, I digress. For others of you reading this, you’re doubting the reception of your prayers. We’ve all been there. I’ve had God SO DIRECTLY  answer prayer, but still struggle sometimes. Fight through it. We are promised as blood-bought Christians that our Savior hears us. Psalm 34:15-16 says, “The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous, and His ears are open to their cry. The face of the Lord is against those who do evil…” Jesus is our righteousness. He is our source. From that we know that He hears us. That passage is specifically quoted in 1 Peter, thus reminding us that God, in this New Covenant, even to the Gentiles, sees and hears. The God of heaven and earth hears your voice. Think about it, friend! How awesome is that! Be encouraged! Do not doubt!

I don’t know where I would be without a prayer life. I, from my heart, hope this blog encouraged you. I know it’s not full of greek words, quotes from the revivalists, or fiery new revelation. You know what? I love all that, but I just want to be good/consistent at the simple, foundational things of Christianity. I hope and pray this stirs your heart to pray to a hearing God. Please know that you are loved, first by Him, then by myself and Andrew.

Be Blessed.


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