Revival in the Panhandle

The panhandle is in the genesis of what I and many other regional leaders believe to be a truly pure revival. The day after a meeting last week in which God began to pour out His Spirit in a mighty way the Lord gave me a vision during my prayer time about what was coming to the region.

“The panhandle is in the genesis of what I believe to be a truly pure revival.”

In the vision I saw the panhandle region with a circle of fire rotating counter-clockwise over it. The circle extended from Pensacola to Panama City. I do not believe that revival will be confined to this circle, but there is something significant about this epicenter.

As I watched this fire rotate the Lord said ‘The circuit riders are rising in the Panhandle. In what I’m doing now the circuit riders won’t just be people, they will be places.’ If you aren’t familiar with the circuit riders from the 1700’s and 1800’s check them out HERE. In a nutshell they were fiery ‘pioneer preachers’ that made a circuit in the wildernesses of America preaching the Gospel. No place was too distant or lost for them to go to. From here the Lord began speaking to me about how the revival would move from house to house, church to church, and city to city at his direction. One night we may be in Pensacola and the next night we may be in Destin. Another aspect of the ‘circuit rider’ word is that God will raise up teams from different places with a mandate to carry the spirit of revival into different cities in the region. One thing I love about this move of God is that it is not about a church or person. We are meeting at King’s Way right now…but it’s still about the entire panhandle. This ‘faceless and selfless’ leadership is what will empower and enable teams to carry this into other places.

In this vision I had of the circle of fire God  said that we are in a John 12:24 moment.

‘Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.’

Two years ago the Lord gave me a message entitled Wells of Our Fathers. We’ve all heard messages about digging our father’s wells, but the Lord began giving me revelation on how our faithfulness to open our father’s wells is what in turn qualifies us to dig our own. The Lord said there would be three overlapping stages to this word over the course of five years. The first would be us exclusively digging our father’s wells. The second would be an overlapping period of co-laboring in the digging of old wells and the digging of new ones. And finally, at the close of five years, would be the opening of new wells and stepping in things of God that we have never seen before. A truly unique move of the Spirit. One of the things the Lord said would mark the second phase is the passing of spiritual fathers for the purpose of bearing much fruit. Hear my heart, friend. I in no way celebrate any general’s passing, and I grieve over their loss, but in our moment of loss is hidden the opportunity to press into the glory in a deeper way, walking in the legacy of great men of faith that helped to pave the way.

We are coming into a time of substantial harvest and power because the anointing that God reserved for an individual he will release upon a people. A John 12:24 moment. This doesn’t mean you can go to Leonard Ravenhill’s grave and demand a double portion. If that were the case every ignorant glory junkie that camped out at Brownsville a few days ago  just to touch Steve Hill’s casket would be emptying crack houses and plundering hell on GodTV. Moving into this is as a company of people is going to take unity, fervency, devotion, selflessness, and consecration.

That is my challenge for you and I! We have a moment where we can sacrifice and press into a true move of God…or we can waste another move of the Spirit because we don’t value His glory more than we do the convenience and ease of life.

Bend. Your. Life. Walk in something that is bigger than yourself, and after testing this word, commit to contending with us for pure revival in the panhandle of Florida that will shake a city and a nation to the glory of our God.


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