Visiting the Vine, pt 2

In the last post we discussed about how many are visiting the vine when we are called to abide! So, what is the absolute key to making sure that we are abiding?


At the last supper when Jesus says ‘one of you is a devil’ His disciples respond by first saying ‘is it me?’ and then they ask John to find out which one He is speaking about. They knew that John’s intimacy with the Lord meant He could get answers. He was sitting close to Jesus, laying his head on Jesus’ chest.

Insert yourself into this text. The conversation I speak about in the video below was not a public conversation. When Jesus answered John it was in a whisper. His intimacy afforded him access to the voice of God.

Intimacy is a litmus test to whether we are abiding in the Lord or just visiting His house. God may preach with a shout, but revelation will only come to you when you incline your ear to His whisper.

If the video isn’t working for you, just click HERE to view it on Youtube.



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