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I love pastoring. I love traveling and preaching. But one thing I love about ministry, and really feel it’s part of my primary calling, is equipping and resourcing ministries to have the best tangible impact that they can. In fact, Tangible Impact is one of my ministry’s core values. Spiritually we’ve done that through playing a part in establishing revival and prayer culture to the churches we’ve ministered at. Practically we’ve done that through meeting with church pastoral/leadership teams as well as walking different ministries through setting up various systems in their church to establish solid infrastructure. Part of these systems is establishing solid communication with the congregation, a lot of which is done via websites and social media presence. Did you know that as many as 85% of people will visit your church website before they ever come to your church? 

When I came on staff at The Summit as the Community Life pastor I quickly realized that social media, websites, and email was being under utilized as a form of mass communication and the website became one of my first projects…only I didn’t know how to operate and customize a WordPress website. So I spent countless hours on google and WP forums. I learned a ton out of necessity because I broke our site a number of times and had to fix it quickly! I researched the best practices, plugins, and themes to use and to be honest, I feel pretty confident I can make you an awesome site. This site is one I built! Pretty neat huh? I even began helping other ministries build their sites with Creative Ministry Design, a web design, graphics, and branding company I started to cater to churches and ministries budgets.

And my latest project is WPforChurch.com. This undertaking will be a blog filled with all the lessons I learned, the mistakes I made, the practices for making a website, as well as all the products I recommend to make sure your church or ministry has an awesome site. The whole idea came after reading a post from TheCreativePastor.com who is on staff at Piedmont Chapel, whose lead pastor, Mitch Lunceford, is a good friend of mine.

I know this is an unusual post for my blog, but my hope is that it will be shared with ministry and media leaders to help equip and resource them. I absolutely could not find a good resource when I started building a website with WordPress geared towards a church or ministry and I really want to fill that gap! HERE is a link to my first blog on the new site that gives you 4 reasons to use WordPress! Read, share, help me get the word out!



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